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*We support the LGBT community in their efforts to expand their families through egg donation / third party reproduction

Certain,  Simple & Secure Egg Donation


Our comprehensive egg donation prescreening and matching process puts you in complete charge of selecting the egg donor that best fits your physical, psychological, genetic, intellectual, educational, and personality criteria.


Our egg donor agency, EFS, makes having your baby through egg donation as simple, efficient, and streamlined as possible, so that you can concentrate on what matters most.  At every step of the process we work hand–in–hand with you and your egg donor, providing excellent guidance, expertise, and personal care.


We provide you the highest level of confidentiality and security. Your identity is fully protected at all times and only you control its access. We offer access to comprehensive legal, medical, and psychological counseling from initial consultation to birth – all from leading experts. Services, tests, and reports.

After two and a half years of trying, we are pregnant with twins due in December. EFS’s expertise and caring made our decision a lot easier than we anticipated. And your daily follow-up via email kept us constantly informed about our donor’s progress. We wanted to thank you for all your help! - Ray and Stacy G.