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After two and a half years of trying, we are pregnant with twins due in December. EFS’s expertise and caring made our decision a lot easier than we anticipated. And your daily follow-up via email kept us constantly informed about our donor’s prog... - Ray and Stacy G.

Cost Information

Services, Costs and Fees for Egg Donation with Elite Fertility

EFS understands that the egg donor process is challenging both emotionally and financially, so we’ve eliminated a major source of concern, confusion and anxiety by creating a global fee structure that is simple, cost- efficient and all- Inclusive. Elite Fertility Solution is one of the only agencies in the country that provides a comprehensive prescreening program.. We are sensitive to the urgency of intended parents to begin the process once the decision is made to build their family through egg donation. Our agency is committed to thoroughly and completely prescreening every candidate to ensure they meet our criteria and are qualified to participate as an egg donor, before their profiles are accessible to intended parents. Our mission is to avoid the frustration and disappointment intended parents often experience prior to seeking our services and find the perfect donor quickly and efficiently with minimal impediments or delays.

For Intended Parents
Consultation Fee

EFS Program Director (Including weekend and evening appointments)

Agency Retainer Fee (Non-Refundable)
Payment of this retainer fee provides our Intended Parents opportunity to put on hold up to three candidates for ten days, reserve a donor who is currently donating and have the first opportunity to view all donor candidates accepted into the program.

California Residents


Out of State Residents


Out of  (US) Country Residents

Agency Global Fee (All-Inclusive)
  • Advertising and recruiting donors
  • One on One interview with EFS staff member
  • Arrangement of all medical, testing and legal appointments
  • Complete Physical by a Reproductive Endocrinologist
  • Psychological Assessment by a licensed Psychotherapist or Psychologist will provide a comprehensive report. (If the initial assessment is more than one year old, this report is updated.)
  • FDA Infectious Disease Screening Bloods (EFS updates annually)
  • Urine Drug Screening (EFS updates annually)
  • Genetic Testing (ACOG recommended genetic screening panel)
  • Case Management and support of donor and intended parent throughout the egg donation cycle.
  • Donor Insurance (Once donor cycle begins and 90 days after retrieval.)
  • If requested, a meeting with the donor.
  • You will be provided with your own personal file of your donor’s complete questionnaire, comprehensive psychological and psychosocial evaluation and a copy of all submitted donor photographs.
  • Administrative fees for travel arrangements and/or outside monitoring
Our Guarantee
If your donor becomes unacceptable for any reason prior to egg retrieval, another donor may be selected at no additional fee.
Donor Compensation
All costs to be paid for by intended parents

Base Compensation Entire compensation is paid one week following retrieval


Proven Donor Compensation For each previous cycle resulting in a pregnancy

Legal Fees
Intended Parents
(based on provider)
(based on provider)
Misc Expenses



Additional fees paid directly to the Provider
Psychologist Interview Fee for Intended Parents (written report included)
Genetic Counseling (If requested by Intended Parent or Treating Physician)
(based on provider)
Local Travel Expenses
For travel to physician within donor’s county
Up to $500
For travel to physician outside donor’s county, but in Southern California.
Up to $700
Out of Area Travel Deposit
Out of Area Travel Deposit

The following costs are an estimate only. Complete accounting of travel and monitoring fees will be audited throughout the cycle. Outside monitoring fees may be additional, these fees don’t include medication, medical facility or physician fees.
Travel expenses include airfare for donor’s initial visit to your physician for approval, along with hotel, meal allowance and ground transportation. This is usually just an overnight trip. Also, expenses for the donor and her companion for the actual cycle which includes airfare, hotel, meal allowance and ground transportation for approximately 7-9 days. Meal allowance is $150.00/day per person.

Current military status discount - 15%