Our third-party coordinator, Kerstin Anderson, has worked in the IVF field since 2013.

Kerstin Anderson, Third-Party CoordinatorHer passion for fertility care took root during four years spent as a gestational surrogacy advocate and doula, working primarily with military families. She then spent three years as an intake coordinator for a fertility center in Florida, where she managed all aspects of the egg donor screening process and facilitated cycles with intended parents through the selection process and the donor cycle.

A look at Kerstin’s education and experience

Kerstin has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Florida State University and is licensed as a doula through Childbirth International.

Outside of work, Kerstin continues to advocate for safe and educated births in her community, working with other doulas to create safe, positive and inclusive birth plans and environments, highlighting the importance of safe birth for people of color and minorities. She is a mother to a wonderful little girl, and volunteers with a hospice program that places support companions with veterans on hospice who have no family or friends to assist them or keep them company in their last stretch of life. She wholeheartedly believes that life is something so wonderful from beginning to end, and finds great joy in her work helping families create beautiful new lives.

What Others Are Saying

I still remember the day I saw the advertisement for Elite Fertility Solutions in my university’s newspaper; they were looking for young women to participate in an egg donation program. I had recently learned that some family friends were having difficulties conceiving, so with them in my mind I felt a strong pull to explore becoming a donor. Being an egg donor was never on my bucket list, but now it’s one of the life experiences that I hold most dear. - Andrea

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