Looking for the best egg donor agency in California?  Find out what makes Elite different.

Family building through egg donation is life-changing. As an intended parent, you deserve our devoted care and guidance. As an egg donor, you have earned our respect and admiration. We know that you have a lot of questions when you’re considering egg donation. As you decide to move forward with this incredible journey, let us explain what makes our egg donation agency different.

Comprehensive pre-screening

We want to ensure that only the best candidates—women we consider elite egg donors—partner with our California egg donation agency. That’s why we offer comprehensive pre-screening of all potential egg donors and have the unique position in the marketplace as one of the only agencies to cover this cost as part of our business model.

We screen for physical, genetic and psychological wellness to ensure that you never have to consider an unqualified egg donor. This benefits everyone in the process, and we rarely encounter unsuccessful donor matches.

In fact, our screening process is so thorough that every pairing we made between egg donors and intended parents last year was successful!

Experience in providing competent and compassionate care

The founder and director of our California egg donation agency, Sheryl Anderson, offers near over 35 years of experience in women’s reproductive healthcare , and holds a master’s degree in Perinatology.

In addition to knowledge and experience in the field, our founder also has great compassion for intended parents. We understand that intended parents come to us after experiencing disappointments and setbacks, so our agency never charges for the initial consultation.

Full disclosure and responsive communication

When intended parents select our egg donation agency, we promise to keep them informed throughout the entire process. We are committed to full disclosure and transparency. Our egg donation agency team is also very hands-on and committed to keeping communication open at all times. We believe in developing responsive and nurturing relationships with both donors and intended parents.

Specializing in domestic and foreign egg donation

Our California egg donation agency specializes in both domestic and foreign egg donation, with resources and partners who help us provide a seamless experience for our international clients. We serve all countries so not sure what to put

Proud supporter of the LGBT community

We are proud to support the LGBT community by helping same sex couples experience the joys of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Whether you’re considering egg donation due to maternal age , egg quality or quanity , premature ovarian failure, or medical conditions that prevent you from using your own eggs,, our egg donation agency is able to tailor our services to meet your needs.

Contact us at our California egg donation agency to learn how we can help you fulfill your goals for building a family, or enjoying the rewards of helping others with that dream by becoming an egg donor.

What Others Are Saying

I still remember the day I saw the advertisement for Elite Fertility Solutions in my university’s newspaper; they were looking for young women to participate in an egg donation program. I had recently learned that some family friends were having difficulties conceiving, so with them in my mind I felt a strong pull to explore becoming a donor. Being an egg donor was never on my bucket list, but now it’s one of the life experiences that I hold most dear. - Andrea

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