Learn about disqualifications for egg donors

Thank you for your interest in becoming an egg donor at our Southern California egg donation center. To help you determine whether egg donation is right for you, our team has compiled information about what would make you ineligible to be an egg donor. Our egg donation experts also have information about lifestyle changes that you can make to overcome any disqualifications.

Disqualifications for egg donors

Our Southern California egg donation center is grateful to every generous woman who is interested in donating her eggs to help deserving men and women become parents.

To give hopeful parents the best chance of conceiving by using donor eggs, we are seeking healthy young women. Our egg donation center accepts women from many backgrounds and ethnicities, but we do have some disqualifications for egg donors.

  • Women who are younger than 20 or older than 29.
  • Women who have a BMI over 25.
  • Women who smoke cigarettes or use recreational drugs.
  • Women who have untreated sexually transmitted infections.
  • Women who have fertility issues or inheritable genetic disorders.
  • Women who do not know the medical history of their biological parents or grandparents.
  • Women who do not have a reliable form of transportation.
  • Women who are not able to attend morning appointments.
  • Women who do not have transportation to appointments
  • Women who are unable to have a companion with them on the day of the egg retrieval

Lifestyle changes needed to become an egg donor

If any of the disqualifications for egg donors apply to you, don’t worry. Although you cannot change your age or certain medical conditions, you can make lifestyle changes to improve other aspects of your health and become an eligible donor at our Southern California egg donation center.

  • Eat a healthy diet and incorporate moderate exercise to reach your ideal BMI.
  • Stop smoking cigarettes and using recreational drugs.
  • Seek effective treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

If you have issues with your schedule or reliable transportation, we recommend waiting to consider egg donation until your situation changes. Many women find that scheduling and transportation issues resolve themselves as life circumstances change over time.

If you have questions about becoming an egg donor at our Southern California egg donation center, please contact us.

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