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Helpful Donor Egg Resources

Our California egg donor agency provides support and donor egg resources

Our California egg donor agency provides support and donor egg resources

Elite Fertility Solutions cares about each individual’s unique journey to parenthood and offers donor egg resources. The team at our California egg donor agency realizes it can be overwhelming and intimidating for intended parents to navigate the world of egg donation and third party reproduction.

How do I know that my donor is a good match for me? What is the screening process like? Does completing the egg donation paperwork require legal assistance? What should I look for when selecting an egg donor agency?

To ease your mind and answer all your questions, we offer information and resources to help you on the path to parenthood. Some great resources to explore for more egg donation information include the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Men Having Babies and RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

Our California egg donor agency only works with the best

Our California egg donor agency partners with the most accomplished board certified fertility specialists and IVF clinics in the country. If you haven’t found a fertility specialist yet, consider partnering with one of the experienced and compassionate physicians on our website.

We have an ongoing and positive working relationship with each fertility specialist on our list. Ask us why a fertility specialist who is a board certified reproductive endocrinologist is the best choice when pursuing donor egg IVF.

We also offer recommendations for reproductive psychologists, attorneys specializing in reproductive law, surrogacy agencies and other helpful resources related to egg donation.

When you select our California egg donor agency, you will receive expert guidance and care at each phase of the egg donation process. We realize that most intended parents have gone through a great deal physically, emotionally and financially by the time they consider egg donation to start or grow their family. Elite Fertility’s goal is to guide you through this chapter of your  fertility journey to make it a stress-free and positive experience.

If you would like more information about egg donation and donor egg resources, contact us today.