Our California egg donor agency can help you feel empowered navigating your journey to parenthood

Elite Fertility Solutions is an ally for intended parents. Our California egg donor agency understands that our clients often come to us after experiencing emotional setbacks on their fertility journeys. Once you’ve made the decision to start or build your family through egg donation, our team is committed to making the process as smooth and simple as possible.

Intended parents partner with our California egg donor agency for pregnancy success

Our California egg donor agency was founded by Sheryl Anderson. She wanted to create an effective agency with a team that understands the needs of both intended parents and egg donors. Her goal was to create a results-based egg donor agency with heart.

With almost 40 years of experience as a healthcare professional and a master’s degree in perinatology, Sheryl was able to accomplish this goal by establishing a full-service egg donor agency in 2001. We now have well over a decade of experience in providing high-quality and compassionate care in this market.

  • We connect intended parents with qualified egg donors.
  • We update our egg donor database annually to give you relevant and timely information.
  • We offer a free initial consultation for intended parents.
  • We provide psychological support to intended parents during the egg donation process.
  • We ensure that intended parents know the legal and financial aspects of egg donation.
  • We promise to offer full disclosure and transparency throughout the entire process.

Elite Fertility Solutions screens all potential egg donors

Our California egg donor agency wants to make your search for an egg donor as stress-free as possible, so we use a comprehensive screening process for donors.

  • First, we meet with each potential egg donor. We believe that it is important to get to know each woman on a personal level.
  • Next, we have every potential donor undergo a physical evaluation with a fertility specialist and a psychological evaluation with a therapist/psychologist.
  • Finally, we look at the results of the evaluations to select the best candidates for our egg donation program. We want egg donors who are physically and psychologically fit and committed to their decision to become a donor.

When you select Elite Fertility Solutions, you can count on having a knowledgeable and caring partner on your journey to becoming a parent.

If you would like to take the next step with egg donation, please contact us for more information.

What Others Are Saying About Elite Fertility Solutions

After two and a half years of trying, we are pregnant with twins due in December. EFS’s expertise and caring made our decision a lot easier than we anticipated. And your daily follow-up via email kept us constantly informed about our donor’s prog... - Ray and Stacy G.


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