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The team at our Southern California egg donation center can help hopeful fathers fulfill their dream of parenthood with egg donation for single men. We are an inclusive agency that ensures that everyone who visits us feels comfortable during each step of the donation process.

Starting the process of egg donation for single men

While the journey to become a single biological father ends with a gestational surrogate, it begins with the gift of donor eggs. There are many steps we help  a hopeful father take as he navigates egg donation for single men.

  • Screening egg donors. The first step when vetting women for our egg donor database is meeting them in person to make sure they understand the commitment involved in being an egg donor. Next, the young woman undergoes a comprehensive FDA physical and psychological evaluations to ensure she’s an ideal candidate for egg donation. Only the highest quality donors make it into our database.
  • Viewing our egg donors. Hopeful fathers will fill out a simple registration form that provides access to our diverse donor database.
  • Selecting a donor. Our Southern California egg donation center offers guidance and support as the hopeful father reviews donors in the database. During this review, he’ll look at the donor’s the donor’s complete questionnaire, psychological report and an extensive photo gallery on each candidate that allow him to get an accurate picture of the woman.

Taking the next steps with egg donation

After selecting an egg donor from our Southern California egg donation center, the process of egg donation for single men can really get started.

  • Moving forward with an egg donation cycle. Once the hopeful father has selected his ideal egg donor, we lead him through the process of confirming the match, paying applicable fees and completing legal requirements.
  • Communicating during the cycle. While the egg donor is in cycle our team provides full disclosure and transparency, so the man is fully aware of how the donor and eggs are progressing.
  • Receiving psychological support, if needed. As egg donation can bring up the need for emotional support, our clinic connects hopeful fathers with a qualified mental health professional.
  • Retrieving and transferring the eggs. The final steps of this exciting process start with the donor’s mature eggs being retrieved and fertilized with the hopeful father’s sperm. A fertility doctor will then transfer the healthiest resulting embryo into the uterus of the gestational surrogate. Remaining embryos can be frozen for future pregnancy attempts.

The knowledgeable and compassionate team at our Southern California egg donation center provides comprehensive support from the initial consultation to the positive pregnancy test.

Contact us to take the next step

If you’re interested in egg donation for single men, we offer complimentary initial consultations so that you can determine whether you would like to move forward with donor eggs. Contact us for more information.

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