The 5 Step Process to Apply to be an Egg Donor

EFS is primarily an anonymous egg donation program, committed to providing the highest degree of sensitivity confidentiality, quality care and professionalism. It is important that you understand what is required of you as an egg donor prior to fully committing to the egg donation process. Please remember that any additional questions and/or concerns with be addressed in more detail with the donor coordinator. Start the process to apply to be an egg donor.

Thank you for your interest in egg donation. Please review the 5 step to egg donation below.

Step 1: Review and Approval of Application

Please complete our convenient and secure online application form as honestly and detailed as possible so your application can be processed faster and your profile available for interested intended parents. If you have any questions about the information you provide to us, please call 949-494-6511 and speak to the donor coordinator. This is only a preliminary application. Once reviewed, you will be sent a donor profile, which will need to be completed prior to your interview. This includes information about you and close blood relatives.

Step 2: Interview with member of EFS staff

If the information provided in the initial application meets our donor criteria, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment with a member of the Elite Fertility Staff. The purpose of this meeting is to thoroughly explain the process, procedures, risks and responsibilities of egg donation so you can decide if becoming an egg donor is right for you! Only when all your questions are answered and you feel ready to commit to becoming an egg donor, is your profile entered into the database.

Step 3: Physical

Prior to proceeding with the selection process, you are required to successfully complete the medical and psychological screening. The physical will include a gynecological exam and ultrasound to evaluate the quality of your ovaries.

Step 4: Psychological Interview

Donating eggs requires you to confront complex ethical, emotional and social issues. During the session with the psychotherapist you will have an opportunity to discuss these issues, ask question and express any concerns. Another goal of the psychological screening is to determine if you will be able to fulfill the complex requirements of egg donation.

All intended parents as well as the donors, are screened and counseled. The donors are provided, upon request, background profiles on the couples. This includes details on age, lifestyle, professions, interests, hobbies and their relationship.

Step 5: Pictures

We request that you provide multiple pictures from infancy to present and include at least one of your biological parents and siblings. Other friends and family may be in the photos. They will be scanned into the data base and returned to you. To protect our donor’s privacy, we have chosen not to allow photos to be viewed on the website and assign each donor a number.

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