Dreaming of a baby? It’s time to take the first step and find an egg donor

Elite Fertility Solutions understands that many intended parents come to us after experiencing heartbreak and disappointment. We also realize that the decision to use egg donation is a personal and emotional one. That’s why our California egg donation agency wants to make it as simple, efficient and streamlined as possible, so that you can concentrate on what matters most,finding the perfect egg donor that will help you get pregnant.  Every step of the process we work hand-in-hand with you and your egg donor, providing excellent guidance, expertise and personal care.

Elite Fertility Solutions makes it easy to find an egg donor

To make your search easier, our California egg donation agency offers comprehensive screening of all potential egg donors, so you never have to consider an unqualified donor. Best of all, our agency pays for everything and we never pass along the cost to you. Our screening process has several components.

  • We meet with every potential egg donor. We want to know our donors.
  • We also require every potential donor to
    • have a complete physical evaluation performed by a board certified reproductive endocrinologist and
    • undergo a psycho-social evaluation with a therapist specializing in third party reproduction.
  • These evaluations ensure that we only have the best candidates in our egg donation program. We only select women who will follow through on their commitment to be an egg donor.
  • Our comprehensive egg donor prescreening and matching process puts you in complete control of selecting the egg donor that best fits your personal criteria.

There are many more reasons to select our California egg donation agency

Elite Fertility Solutions is a full service California egg donation agency. In addition to connecting egg donors and intended parents, we help intended parents understand the financial and legal components of egg donation. We also provide ongoing psychological support for intended parents throughout the IVF donor cycle.

Here are further reasons individuals and couples, gay and straight, partner with our California egg donation agency.

  • We don’t charge for the initial consultation. We want to do what’s right for intended parents and we believe that it isn’t right to charge for a consultation.
  • We keep our database of egg donors current. We update our donor profiles and pictures annually. We also require our donors to speak with a therapist every year to ensure that they are still qualified to be an egg donor.
  • We are committed to full disclosure and transparency throughout the entire process.
  • Our founder, Sheryl Anderson, is a healthcare professional speacializing in Women’s Healthcare with almost 40 years of experience  and a master’s degree in perinatology. Intended parents and egg donors alike benefit from her extensive experience and knowledge.

If you would like to take the next step, feel free to visit our Egg Donation FAQs or Patient Testimonials. You can also contact us for more information.

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After two and a half years of trying, we are pregnant with twins due in December. EFS’s expertise and caring made our decision a lot easier than we anticipated. And your daily follow-up via email kept us constantly informed about our donor’s prog... - Ray and Stacy G.


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