Can I choose a donor from EFS and still use my own fertility doctor?
Yes, under most circumstances. And if you should need help in selecting a fertility clinic, we’ll work with you to help you choose one of the highly qualified board certified or board eligible reproductive endocrinologists with whom we’ve been associated.
Is EFS more expensive than other programs?
Not at all! In fact, EFS’s simple, all-inclusive agency fee is reasonable and highly competitive. All costs are outlined for you at the outset, which means there are no surprises or hidden charges. Most important, for a single price, we offer our clients unmatched knowledge and service.
How does EFS stack up when it comes to “personal” service?
We offer the highest level of attention, care and counseling to meet the needs of our intended parents and donors. This ensures that the entire process is comfortable, efficient, and successful for everyone involved. From the free, initial consultation with the Program Director to completion of the donor IVF cycle, a knowledgeable, skilled EFS-affiliated healthcare professional works hand-in-hand with you and your egg donor. Throughout the process, we attempt to address everyone’s questions and concerns. In addition, we have access to a vast network of resources to provide comprehensive legal, medical, and psychological counseling from the initial consultation to the delivery of your baby.
Are all EFS donors medically and psychologically screened before they’re eligible for selection?
Each EFS donor is put through our rigorous prescreening process, which goes well beyond physical appearance and medical history. We evaluate the whole person to learn what really makes her tick — including an extensive personal interview with our Program Director and a psychological evaluation by a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist — so you can gain the greatest possible insight into each potential donor.
Is there a waiting list to be matched with an egg donor?
Typically there is no wait to find an egg donor. However, when a couple has difficulty finding a suitable donor or has specific qualifications, EFS can advertise privately for this unique person. We then screen each potential applicant until the couple finds a candidate that perfectly matches their criteria..
Are most EFS donors college educated?
Yes. The vast majority of EFS donors are college educated and highly accomplished. These young women are typically very intelligent and have demonstrated great integrity, responsibility and commitment throughout their personal and professional lives. Grade Point Averages, SAT scores and other intelligence measurement test results are included in each donor’s personal profile. Additional testing is available on request.
What if we do not get pregnant with our egg donor?
Despite EFS’s high rate of success, on rare occasion a couple does not achieve a pregnancy on their first attempt. In those instances, couples can either use any frozen embryos from the first donation, or simply select another egg donor. If the IVF donor cycle is not successful, EFS will work with the couple to find a more suitable donor at a negotiable, adjusted rate.
Why does EFS require intended parents to have psychological counseling?

We know that choosing an egg donor is one of the most complex, personal, and emotional decisions you’ll ever make. We believe it’s important to have a professional psychological counselor available to help you at every step of the process. Their role is to ensure that the process is a positive experience by facilitating objective, constructive discussions related to the short and long-term ramifications, including:

Discussing important options such as anonymous versus non-anonymous egg donation. Whether or how to discuss this decision with friends and family, as well as related privacy issues
Exploration of feelings regarding the role genetics plays in one’s personality, values, goals, etc. Any questions about parenting a child not 100% genetically related, and how it will impact family dynamics.If, what, and when to tell your children about their assisted conception

Make no mistake, though — no matter how much input you seek from a counselor, every decision throughout the process remains entirely up to you.

Are EFS egg donors motivated strictly by money?
Absolutely not! In fact, we’ve found that candidates who are only motivated for financial reasons tend not to be as fully committed to the program, and ultimately are not acceptable donors. Though financial compensation is certainly important to most donors and their families, EFS donors truly enjoy helping others. This is an integral part of their altruistic nature and is a strong contributing factor in their decision to participate in our donor program. These young women see their involvement as a unique opportunity to give a remarkable gift to a couple seeking to experience the joy of becoming a family.

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After two and a half years of trying, we are pregnant with twins due in December. EFS’s expertise and caring made our decision a lot easier than we anticipated. And your daily follow-up via email kept us constantly informed about our donor’s prog... - Ray and Stacy G.


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