Egg donation for lesbian parents helps women fulfill their dream of motherhood

Our California egg donation agency helps women needing egg donation for lesbian parents take the next step on their path to parenthood. In a couple where neither woman has eggs that can result in a healthy pregnancy, we revive their dream of building a family with an egg donor.

Egg donation for lesbian parents can help many women

We support lesbian couples who require donor eggs because they both face a fertility circumstance that prevents them from producing healthy eggs. There are many reasons why women may be in this situation.

  • Premature menopause
  • Diminished ovarian reserve
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • History of miscarriage or IVF failures
  • Poor response to ovulation medications
  • Presence of an inheritable genetic condition
  • Absence of ovaries from birth

Egg donation for lesbian parents provides high rates of success. It also helps women bypass fertility challenges. To ensure the experience is as simple as possible, our California egg donation agency offers guidance for donor selection, the egg donation cycle, and the eventual retrieval and embryo transfer.

The next steps after deciding to use an egg donor

Once same-sex female couples decide to use an egg donor, our team walks them through each step of this exciting journey.

  • Register. The women complete a simple form that provides login credentials to our extensive egg donor database.
  • Premier donors. All women in our database undergo thorough physical and psychological evaluations to confirm their overall health. We also meet every donor to make sure she understands the commitment of egg donation.
  • Searching for the right donor. As women using egg donation search for their ideal donor, they have all the information needed to make an informed decision. Each donor profile includes photos from the woman’s childhood to present day. The profile also contains details about her education, ethnicity, interests, personality and appearance.
  • Financial and legal support. Before moving forward with the egg donation cycle, we explain the financial and legal considerations.
  • Egg donation cycle. After selecting the optimal donor, we work with the women and their fertility clinic to create a treatment schedule for the donor cycle, egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo transfer. We support the women through each phase by answering questions and meeting every need we can.
  • Psychological support. As this can be an emotional journey, we provide ongoing psychological support to women using egg donation for lesbian parents.

The compassionate team at our California egg donation agency is honored to support you in this life-changing process. We will be by your side from the selection of a wonderful egg donor, to the amazing moment of the embryo transfer. Contact us to learn more about egg donation.

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