Egg donation for gay men makes the dream of fatherhood come true

The path to parenthood isn’t always straight, so our Southern California egg donation experts offer egg donation for gay men. Elite Fertility believes that love is love, and our team is proud to support LGBT men and women on their quest to become parents. When hopeful fathers want to bring home a healthy baby, egg donation can allow one of the men to share a biological connection with the child.

How egg donation for gay men works at Elite Fertility

Our Southern California egg donation experts are happy to guide gay couples and single men on the journey to fatherhood. We offer a diverse database of highly qualified, prescreened donors who are ready to give the priceless gift of their eggs.

Each egg donor has undergone rigorous screening to ensure that she is physically and psychologically able to donate her eggs. You can review the database to find the right donor for you. You can view each donor’s ethnicity, physical traits, educational background, interests and much more. Having access to this information helps you find a donor who meets your specific needs.

Selecting a donor is only the first step of egg donation for gay men. You will also need to select a gestational carrier who will carry the pregnancy. Once you have selected the generous women who will help you on your journey to fatherhood, the process can truly begin.

  • Your egg donor will take fertility medications to stimulate the development of multiple eggs in her ovaries. The fertility doctor of your choice will monitor her during this time and make adjustments to the medication dosage, if needed.
  • When the time is right, your donor will receive a trigger shot and visit the fertility doctor about 36 hours later for the egg retrieval. During this outpatient procedure, she will receive light sedation to keep her comfortable.
  • At this point, the fertility center of your choice will take the eggs to their laboratory to fertilize them using your sperm. The fertilized eggs become embryos. The laboratory staff will monitor the growth and development of the embryos before selecting the best one for transfer to the gestational surrogate. The rest can be frozen for future use.
  • To prepare for the embryo transfer, the gestational surrogate will take medications to prep her uterine lining for a pregnancy. During the short procedure, the fertility doctor will transfer the embryo into the gestational surrogate’s uterus.

Guidance and support from Elite Fertility throughout the process

Our Southern California egg donation experts realize that this process can seem overwhelming. However, you will not be alone. As you proceed with egg donation for gay couples, our staff will provide ongoing psychological support throughout your IVF donor cycle. We will also help you understand all of the financial and legal aspects of egg donation.

At Elite Fertility, we help gay couples and single men build the family of their dreams through egg donation. If you are ready to learn more about egg donation for gay men, contact us to schedule an appointment. We are ready to help you start on the exciting journey to parenthood.

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