Elite Fertility Solutions explains medical screening for an egg donor

Through egg donation, generous young women provide the necessary assistance for couples and individuals experiencing roadblocks on the path to parenthood. We are committed to meeting the needs of both egg donors and intended parents so that the overall experience is a positive one. As a result, we have instituted a thorough application process for a potential egg donor, including a medical screening.

Reviewing the initial screening process

Once you decide to pursue egg donation, you will fill out an egg donor application and undergo an interview in our office. After completing the first steps, we will schedule an appointment for a thorough medical evaluation, including blood work, a pelvic exam and drug testing. These blood tests will provide us with your blood type, look at RH compatibility and screen for sexually transmitted diseases. As well, we will gather a full medical history about you and your immediate family.

The next steps: Moving forward in the egg donor process

To minimize the time commitment required of potential donors and unnecessary costs to intended parents, we conduct more extensive screenings once we receive your preliminary results. You move on to each phase after successfully completing the previous one. These additional tests will involve the following:

  • Ultrasound evaluation – A board certified physician will perform a sonogram to examine the uterus, ovaries and other pelvic organs. This ultrasound will provide information about your potential ability to generate an adequate number of eggs.
  • Psychological assessment – Egg donation requires tremendous commitment, both physically and emotionally. We require all donors to meet with one of our recommended psychologists for an evaluation.
  • Infectious disease screening –  To minimize risk, this test looks for a variety of infections such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. It takes at least 10 days for us to receive the results.
  • Genetic disease screening – You will be screened for a variety of common genetic conditions.

Through your gift of egg donation, infertile individuals and couples can have an op-portunity to welcome a longed-for baby into their lives. At our Newport Beach egg donor agency, we want egg donors and intended parents to feel cared for and val-ued. Contact us for more information.

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