Elite Fertility Solutions supports you with egg donor counseling services

At Elite Fertility Solutions, your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health. To support you on your journey, our California egg donation agency offers egg donor counseling services to both donors and intended parents. In addition to an initial counseling session with a mental health professional, we provide ongoing support to our donors and intended parents throughout the decision-making process and the IVF donor cycle.

We offer egg donor counseling services to help intended parents on their fertility journey

Our California egg donation agency realizes that conceiving a baby through egg donation is an emotional experience. To support intended parents during this process, we offer professional counseling services with a mental health professional who specializes in in egg donation and third party reproduction. Our experience has shown that counselors make this process a positive experience by offering objective opinions and facilitating constructive discussions about the short- and long-term implications of building a family through egg donation.

Counselors can help intended parents explore and evaluate important issues.

  • Privacy issues, including whether and how to discuss egg donation with friends and family
  • Genetic issues, including understanding the role of genetics in health, appearance and personality
  • Parenting issues, including how to raise a child that is not genetically related to both parents, as well as how to tell a child about their special beginnings

Our egg donation agency also offers counseling services to potential egg donors

Egg donors must confront complex ethical, emotional, moral and social issues. Each potential egg donor at our California egg donation agency participates in a one hour individual and comprehensive counseling session conducted by a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist.

During this session, the therapist will assess a prospective egg donor to ensure that she is emotionally and psychologically able to fulfill the complex requirements of egg donation. The therapist will examine the donor’s mental health status, family history, personal background, life circumstances and support systems.

At this time, the egg donor also has the opportunity to ask questions and discuss her concerns and expectations about becoming an egg donor. Before being accepted as an EFS egg donor, we feel that it is essential for each candidate to understand and feel comfortable with the potential short- and long-term implications of egg donation. Our goal is to help each candidate determine if involvement in such a profound and life-changing experience is right for her.

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