Learn more about the benefits of egg donation for cancer patients

Egg donation for cancer patients allows our Southern California egg donation agency to help women fulfill their dream of motherhood. After a life-changing cancer diagnosis, you may believe you can no longer have a family. But with the right support, having a baby is still possible.

Why do some women need egg donation for cancer patients?

Women are born with a set number of eggs in their ovaries, called the ovarian reserve. This reserve naturally decreases with age, but certain types of cancer treatment may speed up this decline in fertility. Having fewer eggs may make it harder to become pregnant, while having a low ovarian reserve may lead to early menopause, meaning no eggs are left. Your doctor can test your ovarian reserve using blood tests and an ultrasound.

Because cancer treatments often affect fertility, you may need to consider donor eggs after undergoing certain treatments.

Chemotherapy can affect the ovaries and cause diminished ovarian reserve. This damage can sometimes be permanent.

Radiation therapy can negatively affect the reproductive organs, specifically the ovaries.

Surgery for a cancer that affects the reproductive system can result in scarring that can cause fertility challenges.

A fertility doctor can help you determine whether egg donation is your best option. From there, our Southern California egg donation agency will support you in finding the ideal egg donor and taking the next step on your path to motherhood.

How can we help?

When you are ready to move forward with donor eggs, our Southern California egg donation agency provides high-quality donors and support. It’s our top priority to ensure this process is as simple and effective as possible.

Access to our donor database. The first step of utilizing egg donation is logging into our donor database and beginning the search for the right donor.

Elite donors. As you browse our egg donors, you can rest assured that they have been thoroughly screened for physical, genetic and psychological health. We provide access to wonderful, healthy young women whose eggs offer the best chance of achieving your dreams of having a baby.

Egg donor selection. You will receive a complete profile of who the donors are by gaining access to photos and information about the donor’s health, education, ethnicity, interests, personality, physical appearance and other relevant information.

Egg donation cycle. The next exciting phase involves making the donor selection. As soon as you choose a donor, we will confirm the match, request any additional testing, facilitate the creation of a legal agreement and help coordinate the donor’s egg donation cycle.

We stay in close communication during this process to ensure that you stay informed.

Conceiving with donor eggs

After we confirm the match, our Southern California egg donation agency works closely with you and your fertility clinic to make sure everything moves forward seamlessly.

Egg retrieval. When enough of the donor’s eggs mature, she will undergo an egg retrieval. An embryologist then fertilizes the eggs with sperm from the hopeful father or a sperm donor. In some cases, the resulting embryos undergo preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).

Embryo transfer. To prepare your uterus for the embryo transfer, you will take certain fertility medications. The final phase of egg donation for cancer patients consists of the fertility doctor transferring an embryo to your uterus or the uterus of a gestational surrogate.

We know it can seem difficult to conceive after cancer treatment, but we strive to make it easier by offering a combination of compassion, high-quality care and premium donors.

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