After four failed IVFs with my own eggs, I knew it was time to find another fertility solution.  My husband and I were so determined to have another baby, and as a result, we decided to pursue egg donation.  We had an usual requirement that we wanted to meet our donor.  I spoke with more than a dozen agencies all across the United States, and I was about to give up… until I spoke with Sheryl at Elite Fertility Solutions.  I knew from the moment I spoke with her that she could help us.  She listened to what was important to us and was so compassionate regarding our fertility journey.   Her experience, knowledge, and advice were invaluable, and she held our hand through the entire process checking on me frequently.  I was amazed that EFS was the only agency I could find that invested in their donors by completing all the psychological testing before offering donors as potential candidates.

Today I have my perfect baby.  I look at him every day and think how happy I am the way our journey evolved.  Without this journey, we would not have our perfect son.  He brings me more joy than I could ever imagine.  I am forever grateful to Sheryl, her team, and the most wonderful donor we could ever wish to find.  Sheryl helped us find a donor who truly was the closest match to me, and as a result, I have this perfect little being that truly completes me.

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