“Coming to EFS was one of the very best decisions we have ever made in our life. After a four year journey of constant unsuccessful and frustrating fertility treatments, we came to EFS and received everything we needed and were pregnant in less then 4 months! EFS is fair all the way around, very upfront and honest. I cannot even begin to put everything down in just a few paragraphs, – Our experience with EFS was uplifting and we finally felt we finally were making this journey happen. The donor profile database was large and very detailed. We were not perhaps the typical looking couple and had certain wants and desires from an egg donor. Not a problem. The hard part was trying to narrow down our choices, but they were there to support and guide us through every step of the process. The communication was excellent and we received all the info, pictures, etc we wanted about each donor. It was handled efficiently and kept very confidential. Everyone involved understood time was of the essence to us and cared so much to make it happen for us too. I loved that. It was just as important to them to make our dream become a reality. You are not just a number, you are a mommy to be in process. As we look everyday at our beautiful and healthy babies…yes gorgeous twins, we can’t believe how simple this all was when we finally contacted EFS. Simple and so worth it! Unfortunately we explored so many different donor programs prior to EFS and wasted so much precious time. I can’t express enough to anyone to please avoid doing the same. Thank God we found EFS. We are an example of one of their many patients to have experienced one of the BEST donor fertility companies in the world!
Thank you so much,
Much Love & Blessings to you all — OC Mommy”

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