We struggled with getting pregnant and decided to use an egg donor. It was a painstaking process and an emotional journey for us.    As we screened candidates, it was the Elite donor and agency that separated themselves.  Elite provided us with the most information on their donor.  We were able to find a true connection to our donor with an  understanding of who she was, her values, and personality.

What the agency asked of the donor, they also asked of themselves.  The agencies communication and empathy and shared goals was particularly important to us and helpful in overcoming the geographical distance of an East coast couple and a California donor/Agency.  It’s no small task to work with time zones, travel arrangements, coordinating multiple doctor’s  practices  with a highly charged and deeply personal goal.  We felt lucky we found the right donor, the right agency and partnership.  It’s said it takes a community to raise a child.  Today, it can be said it takes a community to conceive one.

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