Elite Fertility Solutions is here to explain how an egg donation cycle works

The team at Elite Fertility Solutions realizes that becoming an egg donor is a big decision. That’s why our California egg donation agency wants to give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about participating in an egg donation cycle.

You must meet several requirements before you can participate in an egg donation cycle

If you are interested in beginning the egg donation process, you must first prequalify with our California egg donation agency. If you prequalify as an egg donor, you can move onto the next steps.

  • You will provide more detailed information about your personal, family and medical history.
  • You will have a checkup to ensure that you are healthy and have normally functioning ovaries.
  • You will undergo screening for genetic disorders and infectious diseases.
  • You will attend counseling to prepare you for the emotional aspects of egg donation.

After you complete our prescreening requirements and sign legal agreements, you will enter our donor pool; we will notify you when you are chosen by intended parents.

IMPORTANT: Agree to participate as a donor only if you are able to commit to the egg donation cycle requirements. Our intended parents have experienced years of disappointment and heartache due to infertility. It is our goal to provide intended parents with committed donors. If you are at all uncertain, we insist you decline participating in the cycle.

Elite Fertility Solutions is committed to your well-being during an egg donation cycle

Our goal for an egg donation cycle is to safely retrieve as many eggs as possible. Our California egg donation agency works with board certified reproductive endocrinologists to ensure that you experience a successful cycle.

You and the intended parents will determine the date that you start your egg donation cycle. On Day 3 of your period, you will begin taking oral medication to synchronize your menstrual cycle with the intended mother. Or, you may begin steps for a frozen egg cycle.

One week later, you will begin taking Lupron, a medication that helps control the timing of ovulation and prepares the ovaries for stimulation. Lupron is self-injected daily and you will receive detailed administration instructions.

  • After the Lupron injections, you will begin the process of ovarian stimulation by taking fertility medications known as gonadotropins. During this time, a fertility specialist will monitor you.
  • When your eggs are mature, you will have a final injection and visit a fertility specialist 36 hours later for egg retrieval.
  • You will receive light anesthesia for the 15-30 minute ultrasound-guided procedure. The recovery period is minimal, with most women returning to regular activities within a week.
  • We will mail a check for compensation and mileage to your home the next business day after your egg retrieval procedure.

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