Birth Control and Egg Donation

Answering your questions about egg donation and birth control

The team at Elite Fertility Solutions thanks you for your interest in becoming an egg donor with our Southern California egg donation agency. By donating your eggs, you are giving a life-changing gift that helps men and women make their dreams of parenthood come true. Many prospective egg donors have questions about birth control and egg donation. Our egg donation specialists have the answers egg donors need to feel confident about their decision to move forward.

Basic information about egg donation and birth control

Many women wonder whether they can donate their eggs if they take birth control. Our Southern California egg donation agency wants you to know that the answer is yes in most cases. Here is some more detailed information about egg donation and birth control.

  • You can become an egg donor if you are taking birth control pills, but you may need to stop taking them before you undergo fertility testing. You will also need to stop taking birth control pills while you are participating in an egg donation cycle. During this time, we recommend that you use an alternative method of contraception, such as a condom.
  • You can also become an egg donor if you use a birth control patch, NuvaRing, or a hormonal or non-hormonal IUD. Just as with birth control pills, you will need to stop using these methods of birth control before you start the egg donation process. If you have an IUD these most often do not influence the process and can remain intact.
  • If you are using Depo-Provera or a Norplant device, you will need to stop using it for approximately 3 months and to have had at least one normal menstrual cycles before you can donate your eggs. It can often take this long to get selected so you can still be part of the program during this process.
  • If you have undergone a tubal ligation, it is still possible to become an egg donor. During the egg donation cycle, the fertility specialist will retrieve your eggs before they are released into the fallopian tubes.

Elite Fertility Solutions can answer all of your questions

If you have more questions about becoming an egg donor with our Southern California egg donation agency, please contact us today. Our egg donation experts can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about becoming an egg donor.

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