The list of benefits for egg donors is long

Interested in partnering with our Southern California egg donation agency to donate your eggs? By providing this wonderful gift, you can help hopeful parents build the families they have always dreamed of. Egg donors receive compensation for their time and effort, but the benefits for egg donors go way beyond money.

Learn more about the benefits for egg donors

In addition to the generous compensation that our donors receive, there is a wealth of other benefits for egg donors.

During the egg donation process at our Southern California egg donation agency, you will undergo screenings to assess your physical, reproductive, psychological and genetic health. As an egg donor, you will not pay for any of these tests, but you will gain valuable health information about yourself. Think of it as undergoing the most-comprehensive physical – at no cost to you. Knowledge is power, and having this type of information about yourself is priceless.

As part of this intensive screening process, you will undergo several important tests.

  • Hormone testing and ultrasounds provide information about your reproductive potential by offering an estimate of how many eggs you have in your ovaries. Not only does this help us determine how many eggs you may be able to donate, it also gives you information about your fertility. This knowledge is priceless when you want to start a family of your own.
  • Genetic screening makes sure that you don’t carry any genetic illnesses that you could pass to a baby through your eggs. Many people don’t realize that they are carriers of a genetic illness until they give birth to a child with the disease. Knowing that you carry such a disorder will allow you to take steps in the future to avoid passing it to your child.

Know that your gift is making dreams of parenthood come true

Egg donation is an altruistic act that allows men and women to become parents who could not otherwise experience the beauty of pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood. You can feel good knowing that your gift has made dreams come true for deserving parents. These parents include women who lost their fertility due to age, cancer treatments or reproductive challenges, as well as gay men who want to become fathers.

We realize that feeling good about making family-building dreams come true is one of the biggest benefits for egg donors. In fact, the experience is so rewarding that some donors even consider pursuing a career working at an agency like our Southern California egg donation agency.

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